Tour of the Dog Kennels

Watch our Tour of the Dog Kennels

The dog kennels are one of the most historic parts of the building along with the attic rooms and have been left largely untouched for over 300 years. The dog kennels are located above the original Stables and were home to the animals and beasts that belonged to the guests and stagecoach drivers.

The dog kennels themselves remain completely intact with their large metal bars, thick doors and wooden kennel where the animals slept. Hay remains in the kennels from the last animals that would have stayed in there over 150 years ago. Along with the kennels is also the stable master’s quarters which is a small room that links to the kennels and this is where the stable master would have lived all those years ago.

“The dog kennels were the home to the beasts and animals that had to be locked away not for fear of theft but for fear of what they could do.”

The dog kennels weren’t for your typical pooch, these large cages were made to contain large beasts and hounds. In the 17th and 18th century these animals were poorly trained and often used as a form of protection. Because of this they caused many injuries and even a death in The Old Bell Hotel’s dog kennels with a young stable boy recorded to have been killed by one of the animals.

You can learn more about the Dog Kennels and more of The Old Bell Hotel’s history on our historical tour. Find out more.

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