The next stage of restoration

Tuesday 15th December

The summer of 2015 marked the grand reopening of The Old Bell Hotel with The Grand Regency Ballroom and Tavern bar being restored to their former glory. However, we are now moving on to our next stage of restoration in 2016. We plan to restore the original footprint of the courtyard to make it an open and vibrant space for everyone to enjoy. We are also looking at how we can restore the second and third floor of The Old Bell to bring back some of the spaces well known to some of Derby’s residents as well as exploring options of restoring the hotel side of The Old Bell with a number of prestigious and traditional rooms.

2015 has been a big year for The Old Bell and we hope next year is going to be even bigger! Watch this space to keep up to date with the latest changes we’re making and we thank you for all your kind support.