Solihull Paranormal Visit

Tuesday 21st June

On the 3rd of June Solihull Paranormal spent the evening in our famous attic rooms to find out what goes bump in the night. Armed with their cameras and equipment Solihull Paranormal attempted to communicate with the other side spending time in the infamous Room 29 known for its unsolved murder.

With the wind bellowing through the building and the creaks of the original hotel doors, the attic rooms are the birth place of many ghost stories from staff, guests and previous owners passed down generations leading to The Old Bell Hotel’s famous historic reputation. Solihull Paranormal decided to investigate some of these stories and see if there is something more that lies behind some of the mystery of the attic rooms.

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Steeped in history The Old Bell Hotel attracts groups from across the country wishing to experience the incredible atmosphere and truly feel transported back in time. Overlooking the old St. James Hotel a part of Derby that has remained largely unchanged for nearly a hundred years the attic rooms hold a truly unique and historic experience.

See the full video of Solihull Paranormal’s investigations below: