Our Top 5 Reasons For Trying Real Ale

Tuesday 5th April

Real Ale is being rediscovered once again across the UK, it’s time again to experience something new and exciting in the world of beer and see how. Here are our top 5 reasons why we think you should try Real Ale.

1. Real Ale is growing
There are 2,500 different real ales in the UK and over 3,000 pubs stocking them with Derby being the Real Ale capital of the UK and the current host for the winter beer of Britain for 2016.

2. A drink for all to enjoy
Although traditionally associated with beardy men, 32 per cent of women have now tried Real Ale and 18-24 year olds are becoming the new Real Ale drinkers. Location also has a big part to play with Real Ale traditionally being served in some of the most atmospheric pubs across the country with real fires, traditional food and a warm welcome, much like our own bars within The Old Bell.

3. People stay with Real Ale
Once people have tried Real Ale, they stick with it (it has a conversion rate of 40 per cent) with over 120,000 people drinking Real Ale regularly.

4. There’s variety
There are now more than 700 real ale brewers in the UK, each producing its own unique flavour. With Real Ale you get real taste, you can get an explosion of complex taste and experiences hundreds of different ales. As Real Ale is a live beer the taste continues to develop in the cask and is dependent on the skill of the bar staff. At The Old Bell we pride ourselves on knowing our beer and store our Real Ales in one of the most historic cellars in Derby.

5. Real Ale Tastes Good
Because there are so many different Real Ales you are bound to find one that suits your taste. With different strengths, tastes and varieties there’s a Real Ale for everyone.

At The Old Bell we have 12 different Real Ales on tap at any one time with a variety of flavours. We like to change our selection often to give you something new and exciting to experience every time you visit us, so why not see what we have on tap today?